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Jingle Pot

Real Estate

Jingle Pot is a gorgeous rural escape filled with many hiking trails, lakes, and mountains to explore. The area is split up into North Jingle Pot and South Jingle Pot. In North Jingle Pot, you will find more acreages and farmland compared to the south. Development is the Jingle Pot area has picked up in the past few year, so there are newer homes available, as well as older homes, and acreages. Home prices in Jingle Pot tend to be higher than the Nanaimo average, but you can still find a few reasonably priced homes. Homeowners in this region of Nanaimo have great accessibility to the North and South End of Nanaimo. Jingle Pot’s rural charm, natural landscapes, and large property sizes have attracted many residents of Nanaimo to purchase here.


If you reside in South Jingle Pot, the Downtown area in very accessible, about a 10-minute drive away, which has local shops, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. North Jingle Pot is Closer to Woodgrove Centre, and depending on where you live is about a 10-minute drive. The Jingle Pot area houses the Westwood Lake Tennis Club, which offers indoor and outdoor tennis. The facility includes a restaurant called “Christina’s on the Lake” where you can go for a local bite. With its rural setting Jingle Pot has a few stables that offer equestrian sports, boarding, and lessons. Along with these amenities Jingle Pot has one of the most popular swimming spots in Nanaimo, Westwood Lake, where kayaking, fishing, walking, and running are also popular year-round sports.


• Westwood Lake
• Ammonite Falls
• Mt Benson Regional Park

• Nanaimo Christian School
• Mountain View Elementary
• Fairview Elementary
• John Barsby Secondary
• Nanaimo District Secondary