Real Estate

Located just north of Nanaimo, Lantzville is the perfect spot to call home for those wanting rustic living, while still being close to Nanaimo’s amenities. Lantzville borders a huge shoreline that expands over several kilometers, so there are many beachfront opportunities. The area is split into two sections, Upper and Lower Lantzville. In Upper Lantzville you will find more rural properties with larger lots and older homes. Conversely, Lower Lantzville has a few newer developments with more community amenities. Both areas have a strong community feel, with a slower pace of living that reflects the rustic environment. Homes in Lantzville are generally priced on the higher side, but with that comes stunning ocean views and larger lots sizes.


Bordering North Nanaimo, Lantzville is just a short drive away from Woodgrove Centre, Costco, Canadian Tire, and Landmark Cinemas. There are around 25 commercial shops in Lantzville, including The Lantzville Village Pub and Riso Foods Inc. If you’d like to explore more beaches Lantzville is about 20 minutes away from Parksville, a small beach town with a lot of character.


• Arbutus Grove Provincial Park
• Lantzville Foothills
• Copley Ridge Recreation Trail
• Huddlestone Park

• Seaview Elementary
• Randerson Ridge Elementary
• Aspengrove
• Dover Bay Secondary